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I believe ... in an alliance of Jews and Arabs

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  • Статья: Израиль
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    Эта статья написана 10 лет назад и опубликована здесь же на русском языке. Сегодня публикую на английском.Тогда, 10 лет назад, никто не мог поверить в возможность сближения евреев с арабскими странами. Я же была в этом убеждена, и даже назвала главную угрозу, Иран.Однако моя оценка причин, побудивших арабские страны развернуться в сторону Израиля, принципиально расходится с оценками израильских политиков, политологов и комментаторов."Палестина" - главный враг самих арабов, так как в руках Ирана и Турции является всего лишь средством лишения арабов исламского "первородства". Со всеми вытекающими отсюда последствиями.Арабам еще предстоит открыть эту истину. Если не будет слишком поздно.

  •   I believe
      ... in an alliance of Jews and Arabs
      Yes, we fight each other, we torture each other, and we destroy each other. It seems that the Arab-Israeli conflict will never end.
      But I still believe that a time will come when we will understand the most important thing: the destiny of Jews and Arabs is defined by their common roots, by the fact that they are descendants of Abraham who had a covenant with G-d.
      Why do the descendants of Abraham fight now?
      Is it because of Palestine?
      But did G-d promise this "Palestine" to Abraham instead of the Promised Land? No, the pagans invented Palestine because of their hatred towards Abraham.
      As soon as we realize the pagan origin of "Palestine", we start seeing all the problems "Palestine" hides and creates.
      The first problem is one of world order.
      "Palestine" is only a tool meant for achieving a certain goal. This goal is to rule the world.
      Imperial Britain, the Marxist Soviet Union, Khomeini"s Iran... No matter how different those defenders of Palestine might seem they have something in common - they wanted and still want to define the world order.
      Even President Bush, who is undoubtedly a friend of Israel, became obsessed with Palestine as soon as he imagined himself being a Master of the Unipolar world.
      Which brings us to the conclusion that Palestine is needed for those who want to rule the world.
      Assuming G-d"s place.
      That brings us to the second problem related to "Palestine" - relations between Man and G-d.
      Palestine, which was invented by the Roman pagans in order to erase the memory of the people of Israel, has suddenly grown to a problem of world magnitude, when civilization reached the level necessary for the era of the Third Temple to come.
      The higher this level rose - and that process was taking place in Europe - the faster the de-Christianization of Europe took place, which ultimately lead to genocide of the Jews. After the Jews were accused by the church of "killing G-d", the Europeans accused them of imposing "the Jewish G-d" upon them.
      The Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg was precise while expressing this European point of view: "we are killing the Jews not because they crucified Christ but rather for the fact that they gave Him to us".
      Auschwitz was the European revenge for the "Yes" that Jews said to G-d at the Mount Sinai. But the revenge has not been achieved. Now this revenge takes the shape of defending "Palestine".
      Europe invented "Palestine", Europe elevated it to the level of highest urgency, the Europeans persuaded the world community to provide for the Palestinians in order to demographically replace the Witnesses of the Covenant with the artificial "Palestinian nation".
      All this is quite simple. There is no G-d without Jews. The Europeans are finally free.
      Now the revolutionaries from Tehran are dragging the whole Muslim world into the struggle for "Palestine". However, the very idea of the "Islamic revolution" ayatollah Khomeini brought from Europe, thus contaminating the Iranians with European-style hatred toward Jews. This kind of hatred was absolutely foreign to Iranians but somehow they adopted the European belief that the annihilation of Jews would create the necessary conditions for the coming of the Messiah.
      By adopting the very idea of "Palestine" the Arabs have allowed the haters of Abraham"s G-d to complete what Europeans failed to do in Hitler"s time - to finish off the Jews.
      Thus, the very idea of Palestine carries the hatred toward the G-d of Abraham.
      And that means that "Palestine" cannot be perceived solely as an enemy of the Jews. It can equally be perceived as an enemy of the other group of Abraham"s descendants - the Arabs.
      This concept becomes obvious as soon as we answer the question: What has "Palestine" done to the Arabs?
      First of all, "Palestine" has shaped a particular self-identification for the Arabs and a certain image of an Arab. As a result it is impossible to distinguish between a fighter for the freedom of "Palestine" and just a murderer.
      Pagan "Palestine" is a bloody idol created by the European pagan imagination. This idol constantly demands human sacrifices. Though it has claimed many innocent Jewish lives, the number of Arabs killed - both Muslim and Christian - is considerably larger. That is why there is no surprise that, with the encouragement of the world community, the "Palestinian people" teach the young generation to love Death. In order to achieve this goal anything at hand is used - education, media, etc.
      Secondly, "Palestine" has forced the Arabs to set the wrong objectives.
      In fact, the Arabs face a major problem - civilizational underdevelopment. This is their main problem, not the problem of "Palestine". They desperately need fresh ideas that would be able to drag Islam out of their current state of stagnation. Meanwhile, the fight for "Palestine" binds them to traditional ideas, which cause them to fall behind other peoples. The Arabs waste their resources chasing the wrong objectives and, as a result, achieve not self-betterment but self-destruction.
      Thirdly, "Palestine" has become the symbol of destructive forces, which associate themselves with "Palestine" and threaten the existence of other states, primarily in the Arab world.
      They lack any constructive ideas but they use the obvious vulnerabilities of these states by channeling their "revolutionary" energy only for destructive purposes.
      The main problem, however, is that "Palestine" is preparing for the Arabs a Holocaust, comparable to the Holocaust endured by the Jewish people.
      As new nations have emerged in the Muslim world, a completely new situation has been created: the biggest priority is the ability of any particular nation to exist in the environment of modern civilization. This has to do equally with the requirements of any given individual in terms of his or her abilities to absorb contemporary knowledge and utilize them, as well as the requirements of a collective group of people, of their ability to self-organize on the basis of uniting ideas.
      The Iranians - the Aryans of Asia, ancient and gifted people - have demonstrated such capabilities. Unfortunately, the Arabs have not. Not only have the Iranians managed to create their own sophisticated educational system, industry and so forth, but they have also succeeded in uniting under a common cause the Shiites of Hezbollah and the Sunnis of Hamas, thus proving that they still possess the imperial gift of their ancient ancestors.
      All this ultimately leads to the inevitable replacement of the Sunni elite by the Shiite one. But this is not the most important point. What is important is that the fight of Tehran"s "revolutionaries" for world Islam - supposedly -- triggers the ancient claims of this Aryan tribe to be masters of the universe.
      In other words, Iran goes through a process similar to that experienced by Nazi Germany. They are eager to reclaim the status of a super-power by means of going back to pre-Monotheistic ideals.
      This means that sooner or later there will be a need for a new theology, not Shiite but racial. It will be needed to allow Tehran"s "revolutionaries" to position themselves as rulers anointed by G-d"s mercy. Naturally, they will do everything in their power to take away from the Arabs the status of Islam"s forefathers.
      The blow will come from three directions.
      The economic direction.
      While pretending that they care about the needy (and the Shiites would obviously be relegated to) they will take away from the Arabs their natural resources. They will justify their action by accusing the Arabs of spending their vast amounts of wealth in the pursuit of luxury.
      The Islamic direction.
      In order to vindicate Islam they will put all the blame for terror in name of Allah on the Arabs. They will portray the Arabs as bloodthirsty Semitic savages, who bring destruction and backwardness to this world, in contrast to the highly civilized Aryans who offer to the world creativity and civilization. As a result, the Arabs will be persecuted all over the world.
      The globalist direction.
      Capturing Jerusalem is the true cause of Tehran"s "revolutionaries"" fight for "Palestine", which in reality does not have anything to do with them. Jerusalem is the sacred center of The Monotheistic idea; it symbolizes ruling the world. Since, the idea of two sacred centers is rejected, the Arabs can expect the elimination of Mecca, first theologically and then, physically.
      It is very important to understand that Abraham"s descendants have common problems which they can solve only by joining their efforts.
      Problem one - "G-d and civilization".
      Both the Arab and the Jewish perception of serving G-d block the civilizational development of Abraham"s descendants. For that reason the Muslims have been forced to rethink their approach to classical Islam as it happened, though in different ways, in Turkey and Iran. Similarly, the Jews have had to abandon Judaism in order to get access to modern civilization - science, technology, education and politics. Precisely because of that the Jewish people have been rebuilding their state contrary to the Rabbinical vision.
      Under the conditions inherent in the era of the Third Temple, the problem "G-d and civilization" can be solved only by bringing civilization to the family. The descendants of Abraham are the only ones capable of solving a problem of this magnitude, since their understanding of serving G-d is based on the importance of family.
      Problem two - the problem of self-organization. Both Jews and Arabs are people of the tribe and the family. The Arabs would have never been able to create a Caliphate if they were not helped by the Hellenistic nations of the Middle East as well as of the Persians, who adopted Islam. Equally, the Jews would not have been able to build a modern state if they had not copied its design from the Europeans.
      In the era of the Third Temple, when the family and family-based traditional societies and existing state forms are collapsing, it is necessary to come up with a totally new form, which has never existed before. Not only will this form enable the family to survive but it will also develop further, since its members will benefit from the opportunities created by globalization.
      The "Diaspora-Metropolis" state is the form we are talking about, but it requires the cooperation of Abraham"s descendants.
      G-d"s Book instructs on how this type of cooperation should be accomplished. It says that when promising to Abraham ""And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed", G-d actually blessed the descendants of Abraham in different ways.
      G-d gave the Promised Land to Isaac and Jacob. As for Ishmael"s descendants, G-d gave them the earth to roam without limitations. The proof for this is obvious: there is no logical explanation for why a tribe from Arabia, which brought the Monotheistic Idea into the world of ancient civilized nations, settled in their lands, eventually becoming the Arab people.
      Only G-d"s promise to Abraham explains this miracle.
      Having said that, here is a program of next steps:
      1. The Arabs have to respect the right of the descendants of Isaac and Jacob to return to the Promised Land. (Contrary to Christianity, which based its service to G-d on the idea of the "New Israel" while denying the "Old Israel", Islam accepts the ideas of the Jews coming back. Thus, there are no problems from the point of view of theology).
      2. The Jews have to understand why the Arabs protest against the "Jewish" state. The "Jewish" state as copied from Europe is an absurdity, one that renders nonsensical making 2000 years of life in the Diaspora, which has transformed the people of Israel into a unique collective, the "family that is all humanity". The state of Israel is failing precisely because the Jews cannot afford to have a state "like everybody else", according to Hertzl"s dream. The Jews are destined to establish a new type of state, in which all the non-Jewish citizens of Israel, and especially the descendants of Abraham, will have a certain role to play.
      The "Diaspora-Metropolis" is this kind of state.
      3. The Arabs have to abandon the label of Abraham"s G-d haters. They have to put an end to the very idea of pagan "Palestine". They have to use all sources at hand in order to disband the "Palestinian people".
      So far, enormous amounts of money have been invested to teach the Arabs to feel that they are themselves "Palestinians", and to kill the Jews. It is time to invest money into each "Palestinian" family so it can dissociate from "Palestine" and the cult of Death created by it. They have to disband because as long as they have stayed together they have been blessing Death.
      4. It is necessary to formulate a common goal for Abraham"s descendants. As for the Jews, they have to adopt the cultural experience of nations in the Promised Land. As for the Arabs, they have to spread it among people so they can learn to bless Life, the way G-d blessed Abraham. To bless Life, not Death, because it was blessed by the haters of the G-d of Abraham.
      Only when the descendants of Abraham see the commonality of their destiny, when they understand the common goal, will it become very clear that they can serve G-d only in alliance with each other.
      And I believe this time will come.
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  • Статья: Израиль
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